New Cardboard & Paper Trading

stoelman papierhandel

Stoelman Papierrecycling plays a major role worldwide in the trade of new cardboard and paper. We have many years of experience, remarkable know-how and an extensive International network. Although we have expertise in all kinds of new paper and cardboard, the emphasis at Stoelman Papierrecycling is on quality (woodfree) paper and cardboard and on packaging grades.

Our company has agreements with paper mills and producers for the marketing of their paper and cardboard products which unfortunately sometimes do not meet their 100% quality production standards. For these producers it is very important that they have a reliable partner who can handle the marketing of their 2nd choice material. Reliability is of the utmost importance because our partners cannot afford their 2nd choice produce to compete against their prime products. Stoelman Papierrecycling plays an important role in these processes; we agree with our suppliers about where their products may not be sold and we are fully transparent with them about our sales projections. Stoelman Papierrecycling, 100 years of reliability!

In which countries does Stoelman Papierrecycling trade new paper and cardboard?
This trade requires an extensive purchasing and sales network. Stoelman Papierrecycling mainly relies on the United States and Europe for the purchasing of material whereas sales take place in the Far and Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Thanks to our expertise and our dedicated logistics team, we are able to fulfill the needs of every supplier and customer on a regular basis. Furthermore, our warehouse in Haarlem (The Netherlands) has the capacity to stock paper and cardboard on rolls and in sheets which can be shipped in a professional and effective manner convenient for our customers.

Do you want to know more about our company and our activities? Or are you maybe looking for a proven reliable business partner in the paper recycling sector with over 100 years’ experience? Please contact us (or +31(0)23 – 531 93 57 ) and we will be pleased to give you more information.