Cellulose / Pulp

The purchase and sale of cellulose/pulp, the main raw material for paper, is an important activity of Stoelman Papierrecycling in Haarlem (The Netherlands). We buy this material from different countries, and then sell it again to other parties. Our experience and extensive network in addition to our excellent service enables us to supply rapidly and at competitive prices.

cellulose pulp

Pulp is an organic substance that can be found in the cell walls of wood and plants. Softwood and hardwood are by far the most convenient and most used types of wood for paper production. Cellulose is extracted by first cutting the tree, stripping the layers of wood and subsequently chopping and chipping the logs. In the steps that follow, the wood fibers are accessed by mechanical or chemical means, bleached, dried and eventually formed into bales. It is then ready for transportation to other locations where it is processed and transformed into paper or cardboard. Two commonly used terms for this raw material are cellulose and paper pulp .

As a global player in the field of paper pulp, Stoelman Papierrecycling specializes in particular in supplying this material to the paper industry. It is not an effort for us to deliver various qualities both of the short and long fiber variety.

Cellulose substitutes
Apart from dealing with natural raw material, Stoelman Papierrecycling is also competent in the field of cellulose substitutes. These are alternative materials that have similar qualities required for the production of paper and cardboard. Although these substitutes can form an attractive option, it is advisable to find out how these alternative materials can be used. Not all substitutes are in fact equally suitable for the production of the various types of paper and cardboard that your company may produce. Our team at Stoelman Papierrecycling can, of course, inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of these substitutes and their use in your production.

If you are looking for a reliable business partner who can deliver pulp or cellulose substitutes, then please contact us for advice.
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