1914-2014: Stoelman Papierrecycling 100 years anniversary!

This year Stoelman Papierrecycling celebrates its 100 years jubilee. Visit our news page to see media publications.


Paper Recycling

Stoelman Papierrecycling chooses for quality over quantity! Our know-how is polarized on high-quality paper. Our company specializes in particular in the processing and trading of pulp substitutes for the paper industry.Read more...

Paper Grades

Stoelman Papierrecycling deals with the purchase and sales, as well as with the trading of high quality grades of waste paper. Stoelman Papierrecycling manages the entire process. Transport is arranged for, the incoming material is inspected, sorted and processed for then to be delivered to our customers.Read More...

Cellulose / Pulp

Stoelman Papierrecycling has a worldwide position in the field of cellulose/pulp trading . We can offer you prime, sub-prime and transition qualities. We specialize in bleached quality pulp of both short and long fiber qualities. Read more...

Paper Trading

Stoelman Papierrecycling has a unique trading spirit built on years of experience, specialization, and know-how. The purchase of waste paper and new paper takes place in the United States and Europe from Scandinavia to Italy. Sales are made within Europe, the Far and Middle East.Read more...

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Stoelman Papierrecycling is a leading International company located in Haarlem (The Netherlands) and has over 100 years of experience in the waste paper trading sector. We are a service-aimed company offering a wide package of services for the graphic industry, councils, offices and companies. Through our company, over 100,000 tons of paper reach the National and International paper and cardboard industry. Stoelman Papierrecycling has been collecting and processing waste paper since 1914. Our company in Haarlem delivers on a daily basis large volumes of paper and cardboard to companies throughout Europe and in the Far and Middle East which are subsequently processed into high quality material.